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Since I took a 12 year break from coding to manage projects I understand how frustrating it can be to learn new technologies. It often seems the online documentation for open source tools assumes you already know a lot about how web services work. To bring up your own web server you need to know something about system administration, web server configuration, databases, etc.

Frequently while I’m learning a new tool I run across something that’s poorly explained or not explained at all. The goal of is to help other people get a grip on the technologies I’m learning or have learned since getting back into development in 2013. Maybe I can help you understand them more quickly than I did?

Lastly, isn't just for developers. I frequently write posts explaining various technologies so non-technical audiences can understand and use them.

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I've been dabbling in photography almost as long as I've been involved in software development. At it's mostly just photographs with a few short lines of text.

Most of my photography is based on natural subjects but there's a little bit of everything on the blog. I hope you'll enjoy the photos and find something on that inspires you.