Hi! I'm Doug Couvillion.

I'm an AWS Certified, full stack web engineer and software developer who gets a kick out of helping people.

In plain English, I am a web developer who works across various technologies to get a web application to work. Sometimes that's code running in browsers and other times it's code running on servers. I'm the guy who wires everything up, puts in the plumbing, and keeps it all running smoothly.


I've done professional software development for many years working with organizations in telecom, banking, manufacturing, government, and more. I've held certifications in project management, ITIL, and Scrum. So I know my way around code and IT management fairly well.

I believe doing things right may take a little more time up front but results in fewer mistakes, less rework, and more maintainable systems. Ultimately that adds up to better systems and a lower total cost of ownership.


When I'm not working I enjoy immersing myself in the wonders of nature. As a resident of Richmond, Virginia I spend as much time as I can in my kayak on the James River or hiking trails in one of the many parks along the river.

I'm also a regular volunteer at the Richmond SPCA. Most weekends you can find me there walking shelter dogs.

What makes me different

Technical degree from a liberal arts college
With a degree in computer science from Mary Washington College, now The University Of Mary Washington, I can communicate with people and computers. I'm happy interacting with folks up and down the org chart and across the technical literacy spectrum.
Extensive, professional experience
Over the years I've worked with organizations from blue chip corporations to consulting companies, government agencies, and even tiny tech companies. I've done everything from writing object oriented code to managing offshore software development projects, and running my own business.
Formal management and leadership training
A love of learning has served me well. I've been formally trained in project management (PMI, Scrum, and Kanban) and leadership. Coupling that with my real-world experience gives me a grounded, business-oriented perspective of what's important and how to keep things moving.

Contact Me if you'd like to find out more.